Evaluate your electrosmog environment

Electrosmog Detector facts

Electrosmog Detector facts
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  • There is now an inexpensive hand-held device available to the consumer - called the Electrosmog Detector - which can detect the pulsing emissions from wireless communications technologies (mobile phones, masts, DECT digital cordless phones, w/LAN’s, Wi-Fi, etc.) which are considered by scientists to be the cause of health effects among a significant minority of the population.

  • The Electrosmog Detector enables you to judge the relative levels of such pollution by listening to both the volume and quality of the sound. GSM, 3G, wLANS, DECT digital cordless phones etc all sound different and after a little practice are easy to identify.

  • The designer of the Detector, Alasdair Philips, was a key witness in the evidential process which culminated in the ‘Mobile Phones and Health Report’ (Stewart Report) 2000, updated 2004. Alasdair maintains an input in the debate on mobile phones and their masts with respect to health and contributes significantly in developing the body of understanding of the issues.

  • The Detector is manufactured in China under the control of the British design and manufacturing management team.

  • The Electrosmog Detector provides an immediate experience of the unseen radiation invading your personal environment, allowing you to make the changes to help protect yourself from the harmful emissions.

  • The Electrosmog Detector enables you to ‘hear’ the electrosmog that exists all around you. It is not an alarm, nor is it a warning device. It is an educational tool providing an awareness of your personal environment.

  • The level and quality of the noise the Electrosmog Detector emits is directly related to the changes in levels of man-made microwave radiation.

  • The Electrosmog Detector is a modern, carefully designed, pulsing microwave radiation detector. Unlike anything else on the market at present, it detects and sums the totality of the incoming microwave radiation amplitude modulation, above about 30 millivolts per metre strength, allowing you to hear the result. It is both accurate and credible.

  • The Electrosmog Detector is the first true consumer product in this category.

  • 15 years ago, in 1990, the Electrosmog Detector would have just emitted a quiet hiss in most locations. Now it makes a lot of noise in many urban locations and in many, many homes.

  • Computer wireless devices and some electronic games consoles now use pulsed microwaves. The Detector will help you identify these.

  • The Electrosmog Detector allows you to “detect and protect” yourself from such invisible pollution. Many people wish to protect their family’s health in this way.

  • The Electrosmog Detector is battery operated using a single PP3 battery which will be sufficient for 20 hours of continuous use or 2 months at 20 minutes per day.

  • The Electrosmog Detector does not detect the extremely low frequencies (ELF) related to electrical power generation distribution and household wiring but Sensory Perspective does have other devices that do just that.